Year Three

When I started this 365 two years ago, I thought, "we'll see how long this goes".  I'm surprised to be tackling a third year.

This year, I'm going to also be welcoming child number three into our family around the end of May, so I'm leaving myself open to switching to a weekly picture if it becomes a better choice given my situation and time.

My first year, the focus was to improve my photography skills.  I wasn't really sure how to go about doing that, so it quickly became a "look what I did today" sort of situation. For the second year, I was well aware of the time involved to keep a daily picture blog.  I opted to go to an iPhone only format and focus on composition.  I think I did okay with that.

This year, my focus is going to be macro photography.  I'm shooting with a Nikon D50 and 105mm lens.  But I also have the option of Photojojo's macro cell phone lens, which is pretty fun.

I am also going to be switching to a different format in my titles.  I'll be including a very short description of the photo with the Day.

Hope you enjoy this year's adventure with me.