Year Two

A couple months ago I started to wonder if I'd keep doing the 365-Project Blog in 2010. I really wanted to, but I wanted to do something different. About that same time I came across the book The Best Camera by Chase Jarvis and an idea started to form. The concept of the book is the assertion that you can take compelling pictures with any camera including the one that's always with you - your cellphone camera.

Chase Jarvis went all over the world and took pictures with his iPhone camera. This year my intention will be to exclusively use my iPhone for pictures and blogging. I'm going to focus more on artistic shots instead of the daily journal format. In fact, I won't be saying much this year (which may be a bit tough for me, but catch me in the comments) except for probably a short caption. 

The other goal is to post in as close to real time as I can. Hopefully I can avoid the weekly data dump I've had to follow this year. 

I'm so excited and a bit nervous. I hope to stretch my photography in a different way this year. I don't look at the abstract very well. I'm a linear thinker, so this will be both fun and challenging. Hope you all enjoy the results!!