Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 334

When I got home from work this afternoon, my husband came out to greet my youngest and me. He gave me this look like, "I totally cannot believe you!"

I asked him, "what?"

He says, "You got six packages today!"

Um, well, I knew I had been ordering a few things lately, but six packages in one day? That seems like a lot.

It's true.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do a lot of ordering online. There have been bunches of sales going on, and I've taken advantage of one or two, or maybe six.

And here's the worst part, all but two of them were for me. Yup, I've been shopping for myself just weeks before Christmas. Two of the packages were CDs. One was for a card creating kit that is absolutely adorable. The other three are clothes - two packages for the boys and a bag for momma. Most of the clothes for me are going back to the store.

Don't tell him, but there are more coming...

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