Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 270

It has been and will continue to be a very busy time for me right now. It seems like I am never home with my family. But when the opportunity arose to take a class from Scott David Plumlee at my favorite bead shop, then I had to find the room in my schedule.

The class I took was making a Double Chaos bracelet using a technique from his newest book. (It's actually featured on the cover.) The technique is pretty free-form, which is a bit out of my comfort zone. Even my "free-form" was coming out in a pattern, so I had to mess it up a bit.

It was a great class, and I wish I'd had the time to take all four of them this weekend. I hope he'll return when his third book come out next fall, and I'll be able to take more. He's really such a nice guy and explained several other techniques in addition to the chaos component.

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JustATish said...

really cute bracelet!

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