Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 261

I have been doing this blog for 260 days, and I'm pretty sure that today was the first day that I actually forgot to take a picture for the blog. (What's that about 21 days to make a habit??) Fortunately for me, I didn't forget to take any pictures at all. But my choices for today are pretty slim. Too bad I can't put it up for a vote.

I have the toddler moment where I might not be able to visit our local library again, and the technology win at the grocery store. Since I might be able to use the first one on our main blog, I'm going with the win.

We were making tacos for dinner tonight when my husband realized we were out of crunchy taco shells. I volunteered to run to the store. While I was there I heard over the intercom that they were having a special on meatloaf. Seeing an opportunity to take advantage of an inexpensive meal for tomorrow, I decided to pick up one from the refrigerated section.

Unfortunately, unlike the meatloaves sitting under the heating lamp, the ones in the refrigerated section did not have re-heating instructions. Go figure. But fear not, I had my trusty iPhone with the fancy macro lens.

As I was taking a picture of the directions, one of the super helpful (I actually kind of mean that) employees snuck up on me and asked if I needed help. I explained what I was doing, and she commented that she'd never seen anyone use their phone like that.

Now I live a bit in the country, but I assure you I haven't invented that particular maneuver. I just smiled and went to make my purchases.

And, that, is officially the longest post on the most unintentional daily picture ever!

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