Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 246

Over Christmas I got a screaming deal on a new Vera Bradley purse. I've used it all spring and summer, but it's a little bit on the small side. I've been keeping an eye out for free shipping so I could get a little bit larger purse. Late last week they had free shipping again combined with a pretty great deal on a very large bag.

Ever since I received the Daisy Daisy pattern for my birthday, I've been wanting to get a bag in this now discontinued pattern. I bought the Morgan purse and the Super Tote in the Daisy Daisy. To round out my minimum purchase, I also bought the Tech Case in Mod Floral Blue that I've been eying since I considered the last round of free shipping.

I received my new bags yesterday, and I love them. The Morgan is a great size for my new everyday purse. The Tech Case is perfect for my camera. I'm not sure yet if I'll always be in my bag, or if I'll just use it when I'm carrying around my wallet and camera.

But I love the Super Tote. This bag will be perfect for my next quilt, a mommy overnight, or taking kids clothes to swimming. But since I don't quilt and probably won't see a mommy overnight for ages, it'll probably just be for toting swimming stuff - or at least it would be if the kids were in swimming. No matter what I use it for, I really like the size of this bag and have been looking for something this size for a long time.

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