Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 241

For six hours today I took a riveting class taught by Tracy Stanley (just in case you missed my last post). We started off with 3" x 3" sheets of brass and bronze. We marked off squares, textured them, antiqued them, cut them out, rounded the corners, pounded the edges, picked out charms and created decorative components. Then we started riveting the pieces together.

It wasn't until I looked at my first completed square of metal that I actually started getting into this class. The thing about metal working is you have to do 10-15 different steps before you finally start to see some results and anywhere along the line something can go wrong. I didn't like making all of these decisions - this metal or that metal? this texture? more texture? how do I lay it out?

What I loved about this class is that pretty much all of those decisions didn't have a wrong answer. It was a lot of playing around and experimenting, but for the most part everything turned out great. I was really pleased with what I accomplished. I think I was able to complete more of this project than I have with any other metal work class I've taken in the past.

I can't wait to complete this into a bracelet, and I'm already thinking of other things I want to try out. Unfortunately, there are quite a few tools that I would like to add to my beading supplies.

Had to share this picture from today also just because the colors were so fantastic!

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