Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 289

Tonight we went to an event that we'd been looking forward to for at least two months. Rob and I started watching Good Eats on the Food Network probably seven or so years ago. We've always thought Alton Brown has such a fun way of presenting cooking.

We found out that he'd be signing his newest book at one of our local bookstores tonight, and for the cost of the book we were able to attend. He did a question and answer for about an hour before the book signing, and we bought our book early enough to be in the first group of signatures.

Mr. Brown is a pretty cool guy in person. He's a lot like his personality on the show. He could nearly have a stand-up act. But you can tell that he doesn't take his modest fame lightly, and he really enjoys his fans. It was an awesome evening and the price was great for an event like this.

My dear friend watched our little guy so we could better enjoy the evening (it was pretty darn crowded). Paul has been a fan for much of his four years, so he was excited to go too.

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JustATish said...

I am a huge fan of Alton Brown too! I love his show. It had to be so cool to meet him!!!

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